At The Skeleton Key Vintage, our mission is to provide our guests with treasures they have never seen before, art that enhances their eclectic aesthetic, tools for their journey within the enchanted, anything Victorian, and killer goth scores.
Skeleton Key Vintage Bottles
Skeleton Key Vintage Lamp


We sell a touch of everything at The Skeleton Key Vintage. At The Skeleton Key Vintage, we strive to support our own community whenever possible. Providing a space for local gothic and macabre artists to showcase their one of a kind creations and treasures. At The Skeleton Key Vintage, we hope to encourage the community to create and inspire.

Some of our merchandise, at The Skeleton Key Vintage, may not be suitable for everyone. The Skeleton Key Vintage, tries to be sustainable whenever possible. The Skeleton Key Vintage, does use licensed importers for some of our specimens. This includes specimens collected by nuisance trappers. Taxidermy mounts are always purchased legally through estates and are vintage unless made by an artist using the mantra “it was dead when we met”.

If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to us through our contact form.

Amber Victoria Skeleton Key Vintage

If you are looking for something special for yourself or someone else, please let us know.  New items arrive weekly.

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